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Week 5

September 2, 2017September 7, 2017

Yay! I have made it this far! I forgot to weigh myself this week but I was also a bit clogged up. Thank goodness for Prune juice eh?
I decided I will aim for 5kg per month. Not I just have to exercise every day and just make the right choices. People are amazed at the small amount I can eat. And not feeling like a pig if I eat more than half a cup can’t be good for my self esteem. I have discovered marshmallows go down well. And a cup of hot chocolate is a meal. Oh, a divine sandwich place called Mason Dixon Make some heavenly Grits with cheese and bacon. I am wondering if I will be able to eat a mini Rubens again?
I tend to get pains only if I over eat but thankfully, I haven’t felt the need to throw up yet. On Monday I go for my first adjustment. This may be interesting. I can only say I still haven’t felt full at any one sitting. It is always about 20 minutes later.
My feet still hurt worse than ever. The doctor said that will pass. Right now, I doubt it. Swelling or not, the feet are killing me. The damage done by the hush puppies in July also hasn’t healed properly. C’est la vie eh?
I managed two walks today regardless of pain so I plan another attempt tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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