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Christine the Vampire

September 7, 2017

Yes, that is what I felt like on Monday. I attended my first top up and review. The dietitian, Kia, was wonderful. So supportive and helpful. the Registrar on the other hand was the Vampire slayer…

‘Lie over this pillow’ push shove knead and thump… oh she found the port… next she fills the needle with just 2 ml of water and I ask ‘will this hurt?’ “let me put it this way’ she says raising her arm with the needle above her head ‘it is not going to feel comfortable”. With that, she takes a stab at my stomach. she withdraws it a little and moves it a bit then stabs again when she thinks she has it she leans on it with her entirety… Oh Dear Lord… I thought I lost a Kidney… Honestly, I could not sit up it hurt so much.

Ok, that done I get told, I have go go back in another 4 weeks to do it again… Please God, not again. No one told me about this pain as well.

I did manage to test my boundaries today again… Mason Dixon onion rings… I only had 4… my eyes are still rolling back in my head… Why oh Why did I crave onion rings?


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