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And a while down the track…

January 20, 2018

Well, a few months and 29kg down the tracks and I am still slugging on. I am now at a point where an egg is satisfying and not much more. I have had a fall, broke a couple things including a tooth and now I’m just coasting.

Many things have been through my mind, including what is with hanging on to. Friends and clothing alike. People do grow out of friendships as I have learnt. What I never thought though that others like getting in the last word… over and over I guess. All good.
I farewelled my Godmother yesterday. She taught me a few things… keep going until you get it right, perseverance and share you knowledge with the world. This is my theory with my crafting… share it with everyone. I may not be an expert, but what I know I am happy to share. Please don’t stop asking me questions.


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