Bendigo? Really?

Well, only a few days until the Australian Sheep and Wool show. John doesn’t want me to go again this year. He thinks I will get sick again, too late, I think I’m sick already.
I really want to go and get some yarn and fleece and…. oh heck, who am I kidding? I just want to go. I can’t get enough of Raxor’s super springy yarn! And her bamboo sock yarn and her silk…. yes it is an addiction. I don’t need Bendigo to feed that flame… but it is nice to see all the squishy Pretties there. I am wishing Cathy would be there too… Cat and Sparrow, it’s not the same without you!!!
Seriously, pop in on Danielle, she has some amazing colours to choose from! Such an inspiration!
Might catch you there! I will probably be wandering around with partner in crime Linda from Philard Cottage Crafts!

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