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Learning to dye

August 19, 2019

Yesterday I attended Danielle Larson’s Beginners dye workshop. How amazing. Firstly, I have discovered I am not very good or adventurous when it comes to colours. The pictures I see in my head, the inspirational sunrises, the pretty posters I don’t think I will ever be able to creat those in wool… What I did see are some amazing Fibre artists. People with great vision and talent.
The women in the group are all brilliant and and great company. Ronelle and James run a beautiful farm. Needless to say, the baby wombats and joey were so cute.
I am in awe of Danielle’s Fibre talent, her eye for colours and combinations are beyond compare. I actually look forward to doing more work with her and the class, I don’t really say that often when it comes to learning things. 😉
May the colours of the universe be with you all!
If you want to be involved in her classes please go to Raxor.com.au (pronounced Razor) check out her super springy range while you are there… you are bound to be inspired!


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