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Before the Fibre festival…

September 6, 2019

Today I went to the doctors… I have had laryngitis for 4 days. Just an upper respiratory thing she said. I took the day off work to do this. I don’t do that often. For others I do but not for myself. Before the appointment I cleaned the bathroom and set some twist on some wool I spun.
After my visit, I started a new spin so I could have a head start at the Fibre Festival on Sunday.
During the spin, I asked myself why I like spin ( while watching the newer Walter Mitty ). The answer came quick. ‘Because it is an adventure. ‘ People may watch me and think I am just sitting here spinning. To me, every turn of the wheel is an adventure of art. Not any piece of he fleece is the same and each turn brings a different piece of yarn. A slightly different thickness, a different shade a quicker twist. Like snow flakes, each Fibre is different. I enjoy that journey. It brings me peace and a different picture, a different stroke of the artists brush.
Why do I spin? I enjoy the scenery and the journey.


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