Another day another pain

Hey there, thanks for coming back. Well, today I have noticed that the port site is somewhat herniated. I have lost another 1.5 kg since Wednesday and doctor visit is this afternoon.
Last night I thought I had done myself a damage and torn something inside. It was right on the site of the second bruise. I was just placing my hands on the arm of the chair and it was like a snap or a tear. Immense pain! So much I felt nauseous. Oh well. Let’s see what the doc says this afternoon. J has been a saint caring for me. Finding me food that I could possibly eat and actually preparing it for me even though I’m not hungry. I dare say when I am back to eating ‘properly’ the weight loss will either stagnate or slow dramatically. I think I will focus on the present though. So far, so good.

Welcome to the pain

Well, at the urging of several doctors, I underwent gastric lapbanding. All I can say is no one prepared me for the pain. I was told by a few people, including some friends, welcome to your new life.
I don’t see it when I look in the mirror. In fact, I see nothing different when I look in the mirror. I still don’t like looking at myself. Nothing has changed since the day before I had the op except some ugly dressings and some equally ugly bruising.
I have lost 3.8kg but I didn’t feel like eating.
Today, 5 days later, I can finally stand up without great pain. Walking still hurts on the lower part of my stomach. I can finally sleep on my left side. I am unable to take a deep breath and my. Death always smells.
I wonder what tomorrow holds for me?

The blanket

I toss and turn and curl my toes
I roll my eyes t’ward the heavens.
I tug and tuck and sigh a lot
I grumble and growl even.
I try again to go to sleep.
Shut up and share the blanket!

I listen to a grunt and snort
And mumble Beneath my breath
For goodness sake
Give it a break
Be quiet and share the blanket.

The pain in my feet now grows worse,
I sit to rub them a while
The snores, I begin to curse,
Why is t so easy for you to sleep?
Hush now, and share the blanket.

I slide across the sheeted expanse
And wrap my arms around a figure
The snoring stops, replaced by a sigh,
And then comes a great long lecture,
Take a tablet, go for a walk
Just be quiet while I steal the blanket

I watch the shadows on the wall,
Hear the skitter of the roof rats above.
I sing a tune all in my head
So as not to disturb the others
I’m cold, please share the blanket.

Sleep finally comes, I know not when
My eyes were closed at the time.
I rolled over once and there I find,
A corner of the blanket.