A day went astray

Today I caught up with my dear cousin Rudi and his gorgeous wife Mel… and their first born Ilara. What an amazing baby! I didn’t want to give her back.
Good coffee at Das Kaffeehaus in Castlemaine. I have to mention the huge cup was indeed HUGE! It was nice to catch up and I need to really make more trips up north to see them.

They had a wedding to go to so I was going to head home when I realized, my mate Michael lived around the corner… after a quick drink we headed up to Bendigo. Yes Bendigo Woolen Mills it was. It is always hard to make a choice, yes, I refrained from buying the store. I never saw Michael actually make his purchase… but he did get way more than me. A quick stop at the shopping centre for ice cream and we made then made our way home.

Now to sit and with a drink and some crisps and watch the election. What a wonderful weekend. Now to sort through my stash and enjoy planning my next project, after the dolls and cushion…

What a coffe that was…

And a while down the track…

Well, a few months and 29kg down the tracks and I am still slugging on. I am now at a point where an egg is satisfying and not much more. I have had a fall, broke a couple things including a tooth and now I’m just coasting.

Many things have been through my mind, including what is with hanging on to. Friends and clothing alike. People do grow out of friendships as I have learnt. What I never thought though that others like getting in the last word… over and over I guess. All good.
I farewelled my Godmother yesterday. She taught me a few things… keep going until you get it right, perseverance and share you knowledge with the world. This is my theory with my crafting… share it with everyone. I may not be an expert, but what I know I am happy to share. Please don’t stop asking me questions.

Christine the Vampire

Yes, that is what I felt like on Monday. I attended my first top up and review. The dietitian, Kia, was wonderful. So supportive and helpful. the Registrar on the other hand was the Vampire slayer…

‘Lie over this pillow’ push shove knead and thump… oh she found the port… next she fills the needle with just 2 ml of water and I ask ‘will this hurt?’ “let me put it this way’ she says raising her arm with the needle above her head ‘it is not going to feel comfortable”. With that, she takes a stab at my stomach. she withdraws it a little and moves it a bit then stabs again when she thinks she has it she leans on it with her entirety… Oh Dear Lord… I thought I lost a Kidney… Honestly, I could not sit up it hurt so much.

Ok, that done I get told, I have go go back in another 4 weeks to do it again… Please God, not again. No one told me about this pain as well.

I did manage to test my boundaries today again… Mason Dixon onion rings… I only had 4… my eyes are still rolling back in my head… Why oh Why did I crave onion rings?

Week 5

Yay! I have made it this far! I forgot to weigh myself this week but I was also a bit clogged up. Thank goodness for Prune juice eh?
I decided I will aim for 5kg per month. Not I just have to exercise every day and just make the right choices. People are amazed at the small amount I can eat. And not feeling like a pig if I eat more than half a cup can’t be good for my self esteem. I have discovered marshmallows go down well. And a cup of hot chocolate is a meal. Oh, a divine sandwich place called Mason Dixon Make some heavenly Grits with cheese and bacon. I am wondering if I will be able to eat a mini Rubens again?
I tend to get pains only if I over eat but thankfully, I haven’t felt the need to throw up yet. On Monday I go for my first adjustment. This may be interesting. I can only say I still haven’t felt full at any one sitting. It is always about 20 minutes later.
My feet still hurt worse than ever. The doctor said that will pass. Right now, I doubt it. Swelling or not, the feet are killing me. The damage done by the hush puppies in July also hasn’t healed properly. C’est la vie eh?
I managed two walks today regardless of pain so I plan another attempt tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Another day another pain

Hey there, thanks for coming back. Well, today I have noticed that the port site is somewhat herniated. I have lost another 1.5 kg since Wednesday and doctor visit is this afternoon.
Last night I thought I had done myself a damage and torn something inside. It was right on the site of the second bruise. I was just placing my hands on the arm of the chair and it was like a snap or a tear. Immense pain! So much I felt nauseous. Oh well. Let’s see what the doc says this afternoon. J has been a saint caring for me. Finding me food that I could possibly eat and actually preparing it for me even though I’m not hungry. I dare say when I am back to eating ‘properly’ the weight loss will either stagnate or slow dramatically. I think I will focus on the present though. So far, so good.

Welcome to the pain

Well, at the urging of several doctors, I underwent gastric lapbanding. All I can say is no one prepared me for the pain. I was told by a few people, including some friends, welcome to your new life.
I don’t see it when I look in the mirror. In fact, I see nothing different when I look in the mirror. I still don’t like looking at myself. Nothing has changed since the day before I had the op except some ugly dressings and some equally ugly bruising.
I have lost 3.8kg but I didn’t feel like eating.
Today, 5 days later, I can finally stand up without great pain. Walking still hurts on the lower part of my stomach. I can finally sleep on my left side. I am unable to take a deep breath and my. Death always smells.
I wonder what tomorrow holds for me?