And the beat goes on 🎶

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Jun 222020

Getting closer to the end of June and I am sure tired of those baby blankets. I have started a top out of Crofter from Djuve Knits.🧶I am making Derecho from Berroco and I hope it keeps my interest up and I finish it quickly.
This being said, we heard from HR today that we will not be back in the office in July as first planned. It is a decision I am happy with as I am sure this COVID 19 won’t be going away in a hurry. I get a little more down time to do more knitting and spinning. I was considering joining a Tour de fleece Group as I got some amazing oatmeal bluefaced Leiscester roving to spin and I would like to knit a jumper to honour my recently passed friend Linda.

Christine Naked Speaking of friends, I collected (to ‘babysit’) a painting done by my amazing friend Sharon West. She is such an amazing artist and to have another of her works in my home is such an honour. Have a look then check her out on instagram; sharonwestartstuff
I have always admired Sharon’s work and it is quite inspirational, in fact I was planning to use it for some of my next designs. Of course it won’t feature nudes but then again, anything can happen when a design takes me to places of dreams.

My wonderful cousin sent a picture of little niece Ilara. She is seen here cuddling up under the blanket my sister and I made for her.

I think it was this blanket that made me decide I was not keen on making blankets out of squares. It is a bit like patchwork, why cut up a large piece of beautiful material into a pile of small pieces,only to sew them together again.

It just doesn’t make sense and appears to waste a lot of time. I know there are people out there who disagree with that and I understand where they are coming from but still…

Ok, I am signing off now and will do a little more knitting. Chat soon. Thanks for reading.




And June, it is.

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Jun 162020

What? It is already half way through the month and I haven’t updated my blog. Sorry. It has been a weird month. Visits to the hospital, birthdays and the completion of the many baby blankets at last. I think I have finished doing things for others and will now concentrate on just one thing for me! Well, 2 maybe. I appear to have used and misplaced many knitting needles of the circular kind so I have to go hunting for them. I opened the addi click bamboo set and was amazed I have even misplaced one of a pair of tips, what was I thinking. The t-shirt I was planning on knitting from the yarn I got from Djuve Knits. Will go on hold until I find the needles. I just love Crofter but she has so many other nice yarns to choose from. I thought, in the meantime I would start a crochet t-shirt and guess what. I have managed to split the yarn I have in 2 lots and I have hidden one lot… I can honestly say, since working from home, I have become so muddle headed I don’t know which way is up. This pic is the beautiful Elias With his C2C.

The plus side to working from home is I spend a lot more time with John. Together we get to watch some amazing sunrises while we eat breakfast. I also get a bit more time with my boys. They never cease to make me smile. With the colder weather we are feeding them a bit more and hoping it keeps them warm. While I spend the days navigating the perils of Skype and Zoom, trying hard to keep my face from them both, I look forward to the evenings doing gentle crafts while keeping the company of an amazing person named John. Isolation isn’t bad and it isn’t really much different from my every day life. In fact, it gives me so much more time with those who matter.