Jun 222020

Getting closer to the end of June and I am sure tired of those baby blankets. I have started a top out of Crofter from Djuve Knits.?I am making Derecho from Berroco and I hope it keeps my interest up and I finish it quickly.
This being said, we heard from HR today that we will not be back in the office in July as first planned. It is a decision I am happy with as I am sure this COVID 19 won’t be going away in a hurry. I get a little more down time to do more knitting and spinning. I was considering joining a Tour de fleece Group as I got some amazing oatmeal bluefaced Leiscester roving to spin and I would like to knit a jumper to honour my recently passed friend Linda.

Christine Naked Speaking of friends, I collected (to ‘babysit’) a painting done by my amazing friend Sharon West. She is such an amazing artist and to have another of her works in my home is such an honour. Have a look then check her out on instagram; sharonwestartstuff
I have always admired Sharon’s work and it is quite inspirational, in fact I was planning to use it for some of my next designs. Of course it won’t feature nudes but then again, anything can happen when a design takes me to places of dreams.

My wonderful cousin sent a picture of little niece Ilara. She is seen here cuddling up under the blanket my sister and I made for her.

I think it was this blanket that made me decide I was not keen on making blankets out of squares. It is a bit like patchwork, why cut up a large piece of beautiful material into a pile of small pieces,only to sew them together again.

It just doesn’t make sense and appears to waste a lot of time. I know there are people out there who disagree with that and I understand where they are coming from but still…

Ok, I am signing off now and will do a little more knitting. Chat soon. Thanks for reading.



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