Yarn for Fires…

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Jan 112020

Yes, you heard it here first! (Not really but you may have) the Wiggles are reuniting for the bushfire appeal concert! And the Animal Rescue Craft Guild got a mention – by deed if not by name. This news has made it all the way over to the U.S.!

It was shown on the Colbert show! How wonderful!
We are not out of the woods yet but we are getting there. With temperatures a little lower and some occasional rain, even the alpacas are enjoying it.
With all this I am sad to announce that I left my knitting at home 😢I do plan to pop in to see Raxor tomorrow to discuss my knit and crochet plans for the next few months.
I appear to have blown out all my craft needs to well into October the way I am going. Still, it all keeps me sane!

Stay tuned and stay safe! Don’t run with DPN’s!


All heed; St Distaff day

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Jan 102020

Here it is, January, and I am only now talking about St Distaff (or Roc) Day! Apparently it is an ‘unofficial’ Catholic holiday. On the 12th day of Christmas (January 7th) women were allowed to take up the Distaff and spindle or spinning wheel and continue on with their spinning. There is all kinds of references to Germanic women and Hexen and such but I won’t bore you.

There have been articles in Interweave Knits™️ and Spinoff™️ But I found a lovely article on Fiberygoodness.com (which is where I obtained this picture from).
The reason I am telling you this is a (I have never heard about it before today and b) I think all spinners should take note, put down all your other tasks and tools and spin! I plan on taking leave from now on… spend the day spinning and not feeling guilty. I am not sure why WWKIP day is not on this day too but then why share… there are 364 other days knitters can celebrate and around the second week in June is fine by me.

I am currently spinning some Galaxy from Raxor.com.au (‘s) range. It is so pretty to see the glitter shining as I spin. The colour is beautiful and I feel on a hot day, the small amount of air movement can be very nice on the legs. I am trying to mix this with knitting another garment out of Raxor Yarn’s Super Springy keep and eye open for another pattern and a pair of socks out of her bamboo sock range. His little name is string bean!

I better leave this here. I am on a train, soaked to the bone and I do have some knitting to do.
Until next St Distaff day… Well, until my next post… keep well and out of harms way.
P.S. I cannot leave this here, without mentioning the current #bushfirecrisis we have at the moment. My thoughts and heart goes out to all who are affected including my cousins who are on the South Coast of NSW. If you are planning to donate money, please be wise and donate to well known funds as there some groups that are misleading the public. There are also many groups knitting, crocheting and sewing things for the poor orphaned animals if money is an issue. Thank you to all volunteers who are helping to protect us from harm. You are all doing a great job.


Happy Wool Year, I mean New

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Jan 032020

Here we are 2020. In reality, it is the end of a decade, not the start of a new one eh? But why be picky? Because I can.
This month should be the release of the willow leaf hat. Only a little excited. After a fall at work and balance exercises as a result, a cortisone shot in the shoulder and possible further treatment for frozen shoulder, I am trying to fit everything in just in case. Yesterday I visited the lovely S-K up on Mt Macedon to see if I could fix her wheel. And fix it we did. She gave me some branches of birch for me to start carving some crochet hooks. This made me a little excited so in the cooler part of today I sat on the porch and whittled to my hearts content. I then mowed some grass, went for a drive and spun a bit. The evening was quieter as I contemplated spinning some more then decided nah! Watched Dr Who instead.
Tomorrow I plan to spin some more. Not sure if I can get another 250g done before Monday but I will give it my best shot!
I also thought a lot about these bush fires. Could this really be the end? So much flora and fauna lost… so much property destroyed and worse; lives lost.
I refuse to make political comments from now on. It is past that. I can only hope for rain but that will probably mean floods as there is nothing to ‘soak’ up the rain but still, it would help oput an end to the fires.
Tomorrow I spin and concentrate on lots of rain. You are welcome to join me!