May 052021

Ok, during these odd times, I developed a sore throat sitting on the train on the way home. It gradually got worse as the night grew long. 2:00am found me trying to book a doctor appointment and 5:30am found me talking to the wonderful person at the Covid 19 hotline. 10:00am found me at the testing station and now I am in isolation until I get a result.

The whole time, before I had the test, I kept thinking of places to visit once the test was done. I then realized I was doing exactly the thing I had pointed out to others about. I reminded myself I could get fined if I didn’t go straight home and isolated. So here I am.

I am determined to finish this hat I am making. I am not going to frog it again. I wish I could have finished it to wear tonight, Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere. Happy All Hallows’ Eve.

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