Jul 242022

Winter set in early. This coming week we are looking at minus figures and snow down low. Perfect to work from home I guess. But I will be back in the office unless the government issues new orders. I love the uncertainty of life these days.
I have never hidden that I have many highs in my life and sadly, as many lows. Last night I was confronted by someone else going through the same lows. By late morning I was reminded by the wonderful J that family isn’t blood. It is those who choose to bond and love people who choose each other. From Jenni and my Fairy Godchildren my family and those so far away you may never meet but a kinship keeps us going.

J has sparked my desire to spindle again and my new spindle already has a luxury yarn waiting for it.

I have also made another design. A little Beret. Photo is pre blocking. I hope to block it tomorrow. I will then write up the pattern and post it.

To my dear friends, thank you for your support and love. To J, hang in there. You are an amazing person.
Now to do a little more crochet. There is a little girl in NSW, whose favourite colours are rainbow and purple. 😁

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