Jun 222022

I seem to have gone crazy with my posting the other month. I apologise greatly. I am spending a couple days with dad. Too cold now to dig in the garden, we are enjoying movies and the max shopping trips.
My succlent garden is doing well, growing slowly and only one tragedy, Gregory Pecker my Crassula Pyramidalis. I killed it with kindness. It has been replaced with a Crassula Buddhists Temple so let’s see how that grows at work.

The hyacinth bulbs at work have already started blooming and the herbs are growing slowly while I work from home.

Winter is definitely here. The Alpacas eat more, it is harder to keep warm in my ‘home office’ and the meals John comes up with are amazing and real comfort food. I LOVE WINTER!

Now I have managed to pick up a crochet hook every night this past week, I know I am not ‘cured’ but I am on the mend and I have family and friends who love me and while the ‘mental’ part of my healing has finally begun, I can get the old muscle (ppffftttt) memory going and I will finish projects that bug me!

Yes, that even means the spinning wheel will be dusted off.I think my garage would thank me for that.  my plans for a home made spinning wheel will come back to the planing table and dad and I will have something to do indoors for the colder weekends  My garden will also receive a bit more love. The raised bed, the kind Ken and Marion gave me, is currently in use growing some amazing vegetables.  I so want to try radish again  only two grew at dad’s place but, I fear right now, it is way too cold to put anything down

well, I guess I have started rambling so I should sign off. Keep warm all and enjoy the togetherness!


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