Mar 272022

I really am enjoying going back in time and pretending I am young again and my friend Tara, seems to enjoy helping me. A few things I have learnt over the last few months:

  • There really are lipsticks that last up to 18 hours.
  • Colours are great mixed.
    you are NEVER TOO OLD for shimmer and shiny things.
  • …and, I have a lot to re-learn in my old age!

Tara introduced me to SeneGence  I am loving the products! The skincare, I am enjoying a bit – but the make up, WOW!

Tara also shares her love of succlents which reminds me, I need to repot some little cuttings Tara has shared. The neighbours are out and about though so I don’t want to get stuck out there with them.

Back to Tara the magnificent and SeneGence.  Tara is frightfully honest, so if a colour just doesn’t suit me… well, I will know!

She teaches me to be adventurous and bold in how I apply my colours. The colours themselves, some colours need to come out of the standard range and some bright eye popping colours need to make it into those spots!

That being said, don’t let the colour in the tube fool you! Some are just so amazing! And if it is turning out to be a little bright, dark or just plain NO, mix it with something  put a coloured gloss on top! MIX IT UP. 

Every day I still hear my mothers voice, “Put on lipstick before going out” This in itself is really good sense she never really suffered dry lips and she was always presentable even if people popped in.

So Thank You to Tara for making me feel like a  teen again, playing with all my pretty colours and products!


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