Mar 232022

Guys! I felt I just have to tell everyone this!
Beat Coffee is the place to go if you want a drop of pure coffee heaven. Honestly! Today I took a moment and went into the kitchen to prepare a cup of Brazil BOM Jesus (Baby Scratch). The people already there stepped aside and let me brew my coffee slowly. The aroma wafted on the office breeze setting tongues wagging and mouths drooling for the magic smell that floated on the air.

I kind of felt bad as I only have enough for one more cup and I didn’t want to share. I did not come across this magical Coffee Roasters on my own! I have to give credit (again) to the wonderful Jenni and Annelii and Tom! We sat in the cafe and chatted over a nice brew and from the first taste, I was hooked.
I order from the website now as, I never have time to drive over when I am at dads. I have shared some coffee with friends and sent beans interstate. It honestly brightens my day the moment I put a cup on to brew!
I have said it before, you can taste the love in every sip! These funky people have sourced the most amazing beans for single origin and also have some amazing blends. I keep wanting to call them kids but I know they aren’t. Well, at least they are younger than me! These kids know their stuff. They have opened a goldmine in the northern suburbs and I am so happy they are close enough to enjoy the occasional cake with my coffee.
Please, check them out, go there if you can, at least discover their website and treat yourself.
Do it… NOW! What are you waiting for? Hyperlink above.

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