Jan 312023

And another month passed. How time flies, the older we get!
Gardens are not responding well to the strange weather patterns this year. It seems everyone I talk to have had very slow starts to the fruiting season. I have also noticed, possums and possibly mice, are eating things close to the ground. They don’t seem to be fussy but I am a bit tired of losing my radishes every time.

All this being said, my tomatoes are finally making a show of things. I get so excited at each days growth spurts and I am saddened by the occasional grubs in the tomatoes and beans. All part of the garden season I guess.

Dads garden is producing more gigantic zucchini. I am in awe of his plants. He does love the garden. He loves just getting out and doing things. Keeping busy and trying to keep active.

I was diagnosed as having Carpal Tunnel. This is a big set back for me. I only just got back to knitting and spinning. I guess I need to find some new crafts but right now I am just reading and watching Netflix. I wish I was more domestic and enjoyed cleaning as much as I love textiles.

Our rollercoaster of a summer is quite odd. Hot days in the high 30’s and some cold nights in the single figures. It is all over the place. I do have to admit, the alpacas are not swimming in the trough as much. I am not for the hot weather myself but my colleagues at work seem to love the hot days. We sit at our desks, the sun hot on our backs and people walk over and plaster them selves to the windows. My work garden is doing the same. The peppermint is hugging the window at all times, as do the oregano plants. Makes a pretty picture. 😁🌸

From my seat in the train, there is not one cloud in the sky. Maybe it is time to put this away and enjoy the scenery, it changes so much from urban scape to rural landscape… I do love living rural. So much prettier.

Have a good day / night. Catch you soon.

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