Mar 142020

Yes folks, I am a fan of Urban Fantasy. In particular, I really enjoy reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

In anticipation of his new release on July 14, I am re-reading books one to 15 again. This last week I have had a holiday and have already read 3 more books. The second time around I have found them even more enjoyable and have picked up on funny little lines and references. I’m laughing out loud and scaring the bejesus out of John at times.

The old IT man at work would regularly make jokes about my computer not working properly and the presence of ‘majik’. He also thought it was why my work garden experiments worked so well. At present the tomato plant is trying hard to grow through to the next floor.

I finally finished tidying up my second hand inkle loom and I am just procrastinating in warping it up and having my first whirl. Maybe tomorrow afternoon when I get back from tending to dads garden.

On another note, I can’t let it by that we are in the beginning of a ‘Pandemic’ they tell me on the news. Toilet paper seems to be the most in demand. I have never seen such panic buying before. Toilet paper seems to be like gold! It is becoming hard to find and I see people stacking their trolleys when it is in stock. Medicines such as Paracetamol and Aspirin are becoming hard to find. All I can say is PLEASE don’t panic. PLEASE do not flush hand wipes and disinfectant wipes and PLEASE be considerate of others. You don’t really need 700 rolls of bog tickets!!!

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