Oct 052021

I am feeling it more and more each day. It getting harder to spring out of bed, I’m always tired and I seem to ache in more places over my body. Odd, but I actually have felt the cold of late too.

I’m still not in the right headspace to get back to spinning or crochet or even knitting. Last night a friend asked about spinning wheels and I found myself looking at photos of some of my old wishlist… a Majacraft, a Sacht, there was even an Ashford Kiwi. I haven’t done that in over a year. Thank you Markus, for putting the spark back into my dreary life.

Well, I have to admit, Covid-19, Lockdown number 6 has a lot to answer for. I have been doing so much online shopping that I had to put a stop to it. On nights I cannot sleep due to pain, I will no longer jump online to see if there is anything I want to buy! This was confirmed by the 4 parcels that arrived yesterday that I had no recollection of ordering. None in the slightest! The only thing I will allow now, is Ukulele strings as needed!

The Mud Brothers out back are muddier than ever and they are going through Lucerne almost as fast as we can order it. With nice warmer weather appearing more often, I will have to up the supplemental feeding and go in search of a new shearer again… a task I do not enjoy.

Anyhow, wishing all of you happiness in your lives and calm in our now ‘Covid Normal’ space.

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