May 122020

I was shopping today and thought to myself; these last couple of months have changed the ways we shop and live. Melbourne seemed to think last weekend wiped the past couple from history, people hugging and kissing in the aisles at the supermarket, no one counting how many people were in the store, shoulder to shoulder. By Tuesday, 17 more cases of COVID19 some restrictions have been eased but not much. I noticed that most toilet paper was in bulk packets now, yeast was available by the half kilo and even some favourite biscuits were now available in triple packs.
Yes, we have become a nation who purchases things in bulk and large businesses take it for granted that now, a rush delivery will take at least 3 weeks. I purchased Johns birthday present two weeks ago and I only just got an email to say they will “ship it when they can”. So that Leaves me asking the question: what are they doing with my money? Who is making money on what I have paid up front for?

Ok, enough negative. I finished the blanket for Hugo’s new addition. Her photo is darling, now just 2 blankets to go. I am getting way too many ideas and I just wish I had the time to make them all. I almost had the courage to start warping up the Inkle loom but today, John just wants to watch some movies and heck, it is his birthday so why not? I can crochet as I watch movies.

The weekend at dads was fun and yes, that overgrown garden is still providing us with beautiful vegetables. I am hoping the next visit I will plant some brassicas. Until them, I am hoping the possums don’t eat the seedlings I took with me. I took no knitting or crochet. I tried to just focus on the loom but falling ill didn’t help and it sat in my car, untouched. Ok, I have the loom, the cottons, the heddles have been made… wish me good luck. Today is possibly the day I take the leap. I hope I find it as enjoyable as spinning. I hope to make Linda ( and mum Linda) so proud and happy they influenced my crafting so much.

Ok, I will leave my ramblings here and spend some time paying attention to the movie and of course, darling John! I hope his 60th birthday is at least a little more fun then he was expecting. This is Squirrel signing off, until the next chapter.

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