Nov 072021

I am left wondering, after filming another ukulele song, why it is, I can neither sing nor play a tune in front of a camera. I did it though. My sister commented; I looked scared. I think I was. Anyway, here it is. If you like it and you want to join, do so. You would be so lovingly welcomed.

We are heading back into the office this coming week. Unless I carry my ukulele to and from work, no more lunchtime ukulele. I also figured I will quit the work garden. As much as I love it, you cannot expect a garden to grow only when you are in an office. Back in July I had zucchini flowers I am sure I am going back to some lifeless crispy was-plants. I am considering maybe taking in a small geranium for the desk. Time will tell after this week.
I will sign off for now. I was thinking of starting some small sports socks to wear in spring and summer so you may see a new pattern show up.
Thanks for reading.

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