Dec 102021

Wow, the weather has been crazy as has my pain. I have reached another Sunday night, unable to sleep because of pain and my anxiety of another week of work. I don’t know what is worse. Both are annoying.
I have Mick Tomas’ Away Away, playing quietly in loop hoping I can memorize it in my sleep. The only thing missing is the sleep. Playing the ukulele is keeping me sane at the moment but after the ‘floodingng of half my house due to a faulty washing machine, I found a couple old knitting projects ( UFO’s or unfinished objects ) and I am almost ready to start knitting again after a break if 18 months. Please, knittings deities, give me strength. I so need it.
I am so very sore too. It seems every weekend I spend with dad, is a weekend of work. It is honest work and I don’t begrudge helping him but my various medical problem seem to make it hard. I am dreading the pain I will feel tomorrow. Oh well. I am happy to feel this way if it makes dad happy.
So I should just stop here and try again to get some sleep. I will keep this post short sending love and hugs to those who need it. I am always here if you want to have a ‘chat’. Keep on hanging in there. I am sure if I can, so can you can. Blessed be my lovelies

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