Jan 012022

Hi all, here we are, we made it to another year. I have lined up some craft ideas for this year but I am still enjoying the ukulele playing. I am getting game and choosing songs at random and just playing the best I can. Today I even sang along. Pity John disappeared as he could have accompanied me on the Brodhran I gave him for Christmas. I also enjoyed giving him a cowbell. What a fun gift that has been. John has bought me a few t-shirts regarding the cowbell skit from SNL.
I am still learning the Covid safe way… on the internet with the Melbourne Ukulele group. Fi and his team are just amazing.

My knitting and Spinning have taken a back seat for 2 years now. Not sure if I can ever forgive the person who planted that seed that I am not good enough and no one cares about what I do. Even my writing has taken a back seat. I guess things will change well enough.
I don’t see how one day on a Calendar can make a difference to the way our lives turn out. I don’t need to make a resolution to change my fate… you don’t need to either. I still believe in making small and big plans and if they don’t work out, it is not a bad thing. So do your best every day and if you can’t or even can’t get out of bed, that is fine. You are not giving up, you are just taking it slowly.
Enjoy the new year, the challenges it presents. Stay Covid safe and try to follow common sense.

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