Mar 122022

Here we are in March. The start of Autumn, normally, my favourite time of the year. Dad and I are reaping our lovely harvest of tomatoes and zucchini which is amazing. Possibly tonight’s dinner is tomato soup but no rush. It could be tomorrows lunch instead.No demands, I am just playing it by ear.

Dad had a high pain day today but we still managed a trip to the supermarket. It is fun shopping with dad. We find some amazing things to try and we kind of coast through the aisles. I love the way he commands the trolley be filled just so, today we accidentally loaded the left side too heavily and while talking and not noticing he would roll up the next aisle. I talked to myself a lot.
I made a point of booking a date with my friend Barbara. It seems Covid had put a strain on contact with friends and even neighbours. Even I have not been left unaffected. My mental health has taken a big hit and no, I still have not picked up my crafting other than a small design of a steam punk capelet. I am yet to make samples but it will happen soon enough.
I have been enjoying dads garden in the mean time and my ukulele playing? Well that is coming along slowly. Right now I think too many songs to choose from.
Amongst all the work and travel back into Melbourne and stress, my love of succulents has grown some. I look forward to pay day so I can get myself a couple more pretties. I now have a Crassula Pyramidalis on my desk to keep me focused. His name is Gregory Pecker I carried the little pot and saucer to work in my hand, a gentleman helping me on and off the train. Gregory now sits on my desk and I talk to him a lot… stand by, he may end up with troubles of his own.
Anyway, I better leave this here for now. I will write more soon. Stay tuned for some crafting updates.

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