Here comes winter…

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Jun 222022

I seem to have gone crazy with my posting the other month. I apologise greatly. I am spending a couple days with dad. Too cold now to dig in the garden, we are enjoying movies and the max shopping trips.
My succlent garden is doing well, growing slowly and only one tragedy, Gregory Pecker my Crassula Pyramidalis. I killed it with kindness. It has been replaced with a Crassula Buddhists Temple so let’s see how that grows at work.

The hyacinth bulbs at work have already started blooming and the herbs are growing slowly while I work from home.

Winter is definitely here. The Alpacas eat more, it is harder to keep warm in my ‘home office’ and the meals John comes up with are amazing and real comfort food. I LOVE WINTER!

Now I have managed to pick up a crochet hook every night this past week, I know I am not ‘cured’ but I am on the mend and I have family and friends who love me and while the ‘mental’ part of my healing has finally begun, I can get the old muscle (ppffftttt) memory going and I will finish projects that bug me!

Yes, that even means the spinning wheel will be dusted off.I think my garage would thank me for that.  my plans for a home made spinning wheel will come back to the planing table and dad and I will have something to do indoors for the colder weekends  My garden will also receive a bit more love. The raised bed, the kind Ken and Marion gave me, is currently in use growing some amazing vegetables.  I so want to try radish again  only two grew at dad’s place but, I fear right now, it is way too cold to put anything down

well, I guess I have started rambling so I should sign off. Keep warm all and enjoy the togetherness!


While I’m in a sharing mood…

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Mar 272022

I really am enjoying going back in time and pretending I am young again and my friend Tara, seems to enjoy helping me. A few things I have learnt over the last few months:

  • There really are lipsticks that last up to 18 hours.
  • Colours are great mixed.
    you are NEVER TOO OLD for shimmer and shiny things.
  • …and, I have a lot to re-learn in my old age!

Tara introduced me to SeneGence  I am loving the products! The skincare, I am enjoying a bit – but the make up, WOW!

Tara also shares her love of succlents which reminds me, I need to repot some little cuttings Tara has shared. The neighbours are out and about though so I don’t want to get stuck out there with them.

Back to Tara the magnificent and SeneGence.  Tara is frightfully honest, so if a colour just doesn’t suit me… well, I will know!

She teaches me to be adventurous and bold in how I apply my colours. The colours themselves, some colours need to come out of the standard range and some bright eye popping colours need to make it into those spots!

That being said, don’t let the colour in the tube fool you! Some are just so amazing! And if it is turning out to be a little bright, dark or just plain NO, mix it with something  put a coloured gloss on top! MIX IT UP. 

Every day I still hear my mothers voice, “Put on lipstick before going out” This in itself is really good sense she never really suffered dry lips and she was always presentable even if people popped in.

So Thank You to Tara for making me feel like a  teen again, playing with all my pretty colours and products!


My unofficial community announcement!

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Mar 232022

Guys! I felt I just have to tell everyone this!
Beat Coffee is the place to go if you want a drop of pure coffee heaven. Honestly! Today I took a moment and went into the kitchen to prepare a cup of Brazil BOM Jesus (Baby Scratch). The people already there stepped aside and let me brew my coffee slowly. The aroma wafted on the office breeze setting tongues wagging and mouths drooling for the magic smell that floated on the air.

I kind of felt bad as I only have enough for one more cup and I didn’t want to share. I did not come across this magical Coffee Roasters on my own! I have to give credit (again) to the wonderful Jenni and Annelii and Tom! We sat in the cafe and chatted over a nice brew and from the first taste, I was hooked.
I order from the website now as, I never have time to drive over when I am at dads. I have shared some coffee with friends and sent beans interstate. It honestly brightens my day the moment I put a cup on to brew!
I have said it before, you can taste the love in every sip! These funky people have sourced the most amazing beans for single origin and also have some amazing blends. I keep wanting to call them kids but I know they aren’t. Well, at least they are younger than me! These kids know their stuff. They have opened a goldmine in the northern suburbs and I am so happy they are close enough to enjoy the occasional cake with my coffee.
Please, check them out, go there if you can, at least discover their website and treat yourself.
Do it… NOW! What are you waiting for? Hyperlink above.

It’s magic

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Mar 202022

Yesterday, I cried. Fairy Goddaughter#2, Annelii, married Thomas. I sat at the ceremony and cried when Thomas saw Annelii walk up the aisle. I cried when they made their vows. I cried at the Speeches. When Bridesmaid Marissa (special Fairy Fairy Goddaughter #4) gave her speech. To date the most alternative wedding I have ever been to. It was a production! From beginning to end and not too far from me at the Mt Macedon Winery, these two kids gave us the most magical day.
The alcohol was flowing, nibbles shared and dancing, lots of dancing! Mother of the Bride, looked amazing but I knew she was stressed from beginning to end. I made a point of offering help but not butting, as I knew how stressed she already was. I just enjoyed the day.

It did bring back memories though, waking up early after a sleepover. I heard the strangest noise and ventured into the kitchen. There she was, young Annelii! She had climbed to the tops shelf of the pantry, naked, and pulled down the Rice Bubbles! She poured every last puffed rice over the floor and was doing the breast stroke. Rolling over to do backstroke, totally immersed in the moment! She kind of carried this over to adulthood. All or nothing, she reaches for the stars and together with her best friend, has set a new journey.
How I love her! I also love Thomas and I thank Jenni every day for allowing me to be a part of her children’s lives from the beginning. I wish Annelii and Thomas the best of everything. Thank you for being part of my life.

I’m baaack…

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Mar 122022

Here we are in March. The start of Autumn, normally, my favourite time of the year. Dad and I are reaping our lovely harvest of tomatoes and zucchini which is amazing. Possibly tonight’s dinner is tomato soup but no rush. It could be tomorrows lunch instead.No demands, I am just playing it by ear.

Dad had a high pain day today but we still managed a trip to the supermarket. It is fun shopping with dad. We find some amazing things to try and we kind of coast through the aisles. I love the way he commands the trolley be filled just so, today we accidentally loaded the left side too heavily and while talking and not noticing he would roll up the next aisle. I talked to myself a lot.
I made a point of booking a date with my friend Barbara. It seems Covid had put a strain on contact with friends and even neighbours. Even I have not been left unaffected. My mental health has taken a big hit and no, I still have not picked up my crafting other than a small design of a steam punk capelet. I am yet to make samples but it will happen soon enough.
I have been enjoying dads garden in the mean time and my ukulele playing? Well that is coming along slowly. Right now I think too many songs to choose from.
Amongst all the work and travel back into Melbourne and stress, my love of succulents has grown some. I look forward to pay day so I can get myself a couple more pretties. I now have a Crassula Pyramidalis on my desk to keep me focused. His name is Gregory Pecker I carried the little pot and saucer to work in my hand, a gentleman helping me on and off the train. Gregory now sits on my desk and I talk to him a lot… stand by, he may end up with troubles of his own.
Anyway, I better leave this here for now. I will write more soon. Stay tuned for some crafting updates.

Hello there

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Feb 162022

I have finished work for the day. It is still crazy in the industry in which I work. I envisage another couple months of this craziness and I will hold on as long I can. I just know, getting out of bed each morning is getting harder and harder. I think I am more excited to see my plants which, I am led to believe, are still growing during our current Work From Home. Until then, I am enjoying gardening at dads… with huge zucchinis, who wouldn’t enjoy themselves!
The ukulele has been my trusty pick me up these days. I still have trouble joining Fi on a Monday and Thursday but I am still following him and trying his songs and notes on them.
Now, the musical artist Mick Thomas performed recently at the Macedon Hotel. I really wanted to go. I wanted to approach him and ask if he could PLEEEAAASSSEEE, give me the chords/tabs to his song Hug my Back. I was in Melbourne and missed the event. If anyone out there has an idea what they are… can you let me know?
My friends have been more carefree than I when it comes to adventuring out amongst the Revelers who are enjoying being out and about. I am still Covid Cautious and will be heading back into the city for work soon enough. That is 3 travel hours a day amongst lots of people… that is enough for me.
Crafting is still on the back burner but, I have to get a wriggle on with A’s wedding shawl. The date seems to be rolling closer too fast. What a wonderful date to look forward to. I do love my Fairy Goddaughters. S’s wedding was magic. I imagine A’s will be magical as well.
I better say good night. I hear my Flight ukulele calling me tonight. I just received my shoulder strap to match and I am eager to set it up? Have a great night! Stay healthy, and most of all, stay safe.

Happy New Year! Again.

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Jan 012022

Hi all, here we are, we made it to another year. I have lined up some craft ideas for this year but I am still enjoying the ukulele playing. I am getting game and choosing songs at random and just playing the best I can. Today I even sang along. Pity John disappeared as he could have accompanied me on the Brodhran I gave him for Christmas. I also enjoyed giving him a cowbell. What a fun gift that has been. John has bought me a few t-shirts regarding the cowbell skit from SNL.
I am still learning the Covid safe way… on the internet with the Melbourne Ukulele group. Fi and his team are just amazing.

My knitting and Spinning have taken a back seat for 2 years now. Not sure if I can ever forgive the person who planted that seed that I am not good enough and no one cares about what I do. Even my writing has taken a back seat. I guess things will change well enough.
I don’t see how one day on a Calendar can make a difference to the way our lives turn out. I don’t need to make a resolution to change my fate… you don’t need to either. I still believe in making small and big plans and if they don’t work out, it is not a bad thing. So do your best every day and if you can’t or even can’t get out of bed, that is fine. You are not giving up, you are just taking it slowly.
Enjoy the new year, the challenges it presents. Stay Covid safe and try to follow common sense.

… just wait 5 minutes

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Dec 102021

Wow, the weather has been crazy as has my pain. I have reached another Sunday night, unable to sleep because of pain and my anxiety of another week of work. I don’t know what is worse. Both are annoying.
I have Mick Tomas’ Away Away, playing quietly in loop hoping I can memorize it in my sleep. The only thing missing is the sleep. Playing the ukulele is keeping me sane at the moment but after the ‘floodingng of half my house due to a faulty washing machine, I found a couple old knitting projects ( UFO’s or unfinished objects ) and I am almost ready to start knitting again after a break if 18 months. Please, knittings deities, give me strength. I so need it.
I am so very sore too. It seems every weekend I spend with dad, is a weekend of work. It is honest work and I don’t begrudge helping him but my various medical problem seem to make it hard. I am dreading the pain I will feel tomorrow. Oh well. I am happy to feel this way if it makes dad happy.
So I should just stop here and try again to get some sleep. I will keep this post short sending love and hugs to those who need it. I am always here if you want to have a ‘chat’. Keep on hanging in there. I am sure if I can, so can you can. Blessed be my lovelies

My Christmas Cake Recipe

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Nov 282021

* 1kg (2 pounds) mixed dried fruit
* 3 cups (750ml) fruit juice
* 3 cups (525g) self raising flour
* handful of glacé cherries
* handful of pecans
* & for those so inclined, a splash of rum or bourbon

Stage 1 has begun. My dried fruits, cherries & pecans are soaking overnight in the fruit juice.

Pics from last years cake.

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And here we go again

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Nov 072021

I am left wondering, after filming another ukulele song, why it is, I can neither sing nor play a tune in front of a camera. I did it though. My sister commented; I looked scared. I think I was. Anyway, here it is. If you like it and you want to join, do so. You would be so lovingly welcomed.

We are heading back into the office this coming week. Unless I carry my ukulele to and from work, no more lunchtime ukulele. I also figured I will quit the work garden. As much as I love it, you cannot expect a garden to grow only when you are in an office. Back in July I had zucchini flowers I am sure I am going back to some lifeless crispy was-plants. I am considering maybe taking in a small geranium for the desk. Time will tell after this week.
I will sign off for now. I was thinking of starting some small sports socks to wear in spring and summer so you may see a new pattern show up.
Thanks for reading.